Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Used Cars at Leading Car Dealerships in Greensboro, NC

When car dealerships introduced certified pre-owned (CPO) programs, it was viewed as a major improvement in the used car industry. Buying a used car at one time was risky. There was no way of knowing what kind of history a vehicle had. Used cars at one time also did not come with a warranty or a manufacturers seal of approval. The concept of the certified pre-owned vehicle, which means a reconditioned used car, is simple. Car dealers take their used vehicles that are usually less than five years old and put them through a rigorous inspection process. Some dealers will attach an extended warranty, sometimes 12 months or more, on the vehicle and then release them for sale. Bob Dunn extends a Loyalty Advantage Program on all new and most used cars in Greensboro sold. The benefit to car buyers is that they can get a like-new car with the peace of mind that comes from buying a new car.

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